Retired high school art and theatre teacher.

A crafter, quilter, designer, costumer and seamstress for over 50 years. Learned to sew at the age of 7, and with a degree in Fashion Design from the early 60's, I have continued to be a fanatical seamstress through all the years since.
I both acted in and costumed local theatre groups for 30 years, and have recently started doing some costuming for Renaissance Faire devotees.

I love all things 4 footed and furry, as well as our feathered friends. Live with 4 cats and feed all the neighborhood strays, and I also helped pay for spaying and neutering of over 20 of them. There are at least 15 regulars who stop by daily, and of those, 6 or 7 have taken up permanent residency in my garage.

My interests and skills are varied, thus the eclectic nature of my studio and the handmade items therein.

Eclectic Oddities

Welcome to Eclectic Oddities, where you will find original one-of-a-kind items ranging from quilts to handbags, jewelry to hand printed note cards, and a number of categories in between! Historic costume is a specialty, so please contact me for any custom costume pieces you are interested in.

Custom orders of any kind are welcome!